Gym Equipment Rental
Gym Rental Company have chosen to work with the leading gym equipment manufacturer in Life Fitness.

No fixed term contract, no personal guarantee and of course no capital outlay. All that is required is a monthly rental.

The rental model is designed to provide complete flexibility which means that equipment can be added or subtracted at any point as the demands of your business change. This will ensure that your gym will always have the optimal amount of equipment at any time during the rental term.

We recommend a 48 month rental term, and at the end of this term the equipment will be returned to the Gym Rental Company and you once again have opportunity to equip your gym with latest equipment as part of your rental agreement.

Life Fitness

Techno Gym

"We are delighted with how the whole process was managed. This was an incredibly smooth transition and the rental model really does provide us with the flexibility we need."

Paul, Playgolf London

"Our customers expect the latest products and through the Gym Rental Company, we now have the very latest state-of-the-art Life Fitness in our gym and our customers are delighted! We are now looking at rolling this out across all of our sites."

Paul, Playgolf London