The Team

The Gym Rental Company is dedicated to providing gyms and fitness centres with affordable, flexible equipment rental solutions. With over 10 years experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for delivering highquality equipment and unparalleled services.
Gary Ross is our founder and Managing Director. With over 40 years of experience in the sport and fitness industry, Gary has a passion for delivering quality products and services to his customers, ranging from the oil and gas sector to the hospitality and education sectors.

Gary started his career as a sports shop sales assistant in 1978, and later worked in banking sales while supplying sports equipment and apparel to the corporate sector in Aberdeen. In 1987, he launched DG Fitness, a company that specialised in providing fitness equipment to the offshore and onshore facilities of the oil and gas industry, as well as local authority gyms in the North East of Scotland.

In 2010, Gary pioneered the concept of equipment rental, which offered a flexible and cost-effective solution for his customers. He rebranded as the Gym Rental Company, and expanded his customer base to include university campuses, hotel chains, holiday parks, and independent gym operators. The rental model proved to be a success, and the company grew rapidly both financially and geographically.

Gary is also an avid golfer, and has become an established figure on the Scottish Pro-am golf circuit. He is a generous sponsor of many golf professionals and charities in the North East of Scotland, and enjoys giving back to the community.

Gary is a visionary leader, who has recently led the company to further expansion by hiring more staff and moving to a modern warehouse and office complex. He is always looking for new opportunities and challenges, and is committed to taking the Gym Rental Company to the next level of excellence.


managing director
Andy McLaughlan is a seasoned professional in the fitness industry, serving as the Sales Director at the Gym Rental Company. With nearly two decades of experience, Andy is an established Life Fitness and Hammer Strength advocate, known for his industry expertise and extensive network across various sectors.

Joining the Gym Rental Company as the Sales Director was a natural progression for Andy. In his current role, he is responsible for growth through customer acquisition and strategic partnerships with the Life Fitness UK team as their dedicated rental solution partner.


sales director
Sharon Bathgate joined the company in 2007 after over a decade experience with Aberdeen Leisure having progressed from a lifeguard & supervisor to Duty Manager.

Originally focussed upon sales & support to the oil & gas sector. Sharon now has responsibility for the service team as well as coordinating overall operational matters & provides support to all our customers from a range of sectors.


office manager
Filippo Antoniazzi joined the company in January 2024 after more than 35 years experience in the sport & fitness industry.

After starting as a gym instructor in 1987, nearly a decade at Central YMCA in London's West End working as Programme Director, he became Director of Sport at University of Portsmouth developing a range of sport and physical activity programmes & facilities.

A move to Scotland to open RGU SPORT followed where Filippo helped improve the student experience at Robert Gordon University through sport with outstanding indoor provision including excellent gym & pool facilities. RGU was able to establish a reputation as leading modern university with associated club, sport scholarship, participation and performance programmes.

Filippo's unique insight as developer and manager of fitness facilities and programmes helps find solutions in the challenges and opportunities faced by our clients.


Business Development Consultant

With years of combined experience in equipment installation, maintenance and consultation, our team are fully equipped to ensure your gym runs smoothly. Whether selecting the right setup, coordinating deliveries or responding swiftly to service requests, our specialists are committed to keeping your gym operating at peak performance.